General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Rental and Reservation with the Patrick Location App
General Booking Conditions
1.1 This reservation does not constitute a vehicle rental contract. The vehicle rental service ("rental service") will be governed by a separate rental contract to be concluded with the concerned Garage-Location Patrick agency ("local agency") which will provide the rental vehicle.
1.2 When you choose the "online payment" or "payment at the agency" option, you are making a reservation with Garage-Location Patrick S.A. ("GLP"). Any reservation not cancelled within the set deadlines will be charged.
1.3 When you select a vehicle pickup during our closing hours or on a public holiday. An information in red appearing on the website before confirmation and/or on the confirmation you receive by email states:
"Please visit our agency during the opening hours preceding the rental to pick up the vehicle keys."
In this case, no refund will be made other than those listed under points 2.5 to 2.8 below.
2. Terms and Conditions for Online Payment
2.1 By checking the box "I have read and accept the general terms and conditions of online booking," you finalize your reservation with GLP and will be subject to these terms and conditions. By completing the reservation, you agree to purchase a "voucher" issued by GLP for the amount specified in the quote prepared by GLP. GLP will issue the "voucher," send it to you by email, and reserve the rental service. The "voucher" can be exchanged for the rental service at the local agency where you will pick up your rental vehicle.
2.2 At the time of the online reservation, the "voucher" giving you the right to the rental service is due. The amount will be charged to your credit card at the time of booking or paid at the agency if you selected "pay at agency". By completing this reservation, you expressly authorize GLP to charge your credit card for the amount indicated on your "voucher" and any additional charges mentioned in this reservation as well as in the general rental conditions. If you select pay at agency, you agree to the billing of the indicated amount.
2.3 The "voucher," which can be exchanged for the rental service, corresponds to the rental fees for the selected vehicle during the reserved period, including VAT and services listed as included in the rate when you make your reservation.
2.4 Any item not listed as included in the services at the time of your booking (e.g., special equipment, fuel, extra days or kilometers, accident indemnity) will be charged additionally and must be paid directly at the local agency, at the time of vehicle pick-up or return.
2.5 If you cancel your reservation, a cancellation fee of 50.00 CHF will apply as compensation.
2.6 If you cancel your rental within 3 days before the date and time of vehicle pickup indicated in your reservation, 50% of the amount you paid at the time of prepayment or a minimum of 50.00 CHF will be charged as compensation.
2.7 If you cancel your rental within 24 hours before the date and time of vehicle pickup indicated in your reservation, the total amount of the reservation or a minimum of 50.00 CHF will be charged as compensation.
2.8 If you do not pick up your vehicle at the agency and have not cancelled in advance according to points 2.5 to 2.7, your reservation will be billed. There will be no refunds, the total amount of the reservation or a minimum of 50.00 CHF will be charged as compensation.
2.9 If for various reasons you are unable to notify GLP in time, GLP cannot be held responsible and the aforementioned conditions will apply.
2.10 Refunds are excluded in the event of impossibility caused by exceptional circumstances and/or those not the responsibility of Patrick Location.
2.11 Cancellation or refund requests must be sent by mail or email, clearly stating all details related to the reservation and the refund contact information, to the following address:
Garage-Location Patrick S.A.
Boulevard de l'Arc-en-Ciel 42
1030 Bussigny - Switzerland
3. Reservation Modification
3.1 Subject to availability and within the restrictions stated in point 3.2 below, you may modify your reservation at any time until vehicle pickup by calling the agency listed on your reservation confirmation. Within the limits of the conditions stated below, you can use your "voucher" as a means of payment for the modified reservation.
3.2 Modifications to your reservation are subject to the following restrictions:
a) If the rental costs after modifying your reservation are higher than the value of your "voucher," the difference will be charged at the time of modification, at the GLP rates valid at that time. Payment of the additional amount will be due at the time of modification.
b) If the rental costs after modifying your reservation are lower than the value of your "voucher," no refund will be made.
4. General
4.1 GLP or the local agency cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages related to a reservation or the conclusion of a rental contract.
General Rental Conditions of Garage Location Patrick SA
Start and End of the Rental
1.1 Regardless of the contract signing date, the rental begins on the agreed date, when the vehicle is effectively handed over to the tenant.
1.2 It ends on the agreed date, by which the vehicle must be returned with its keys to the lessor.
1.3 If the tenant wishes to extend the rental, subject to vehicle availability, they must inform the lessor and pay the additional rental fee on the same day. Otherwise, each period of twenty-four hours until the vehicle and keys are returned will be billed at the daily rate, plus CHF 5.- per day. Weekly or monthly packages are not considered in calculating the fee (daily rate only).
2.1 The standard deposit is CHF 500.-. The deposit must be made at the time of contract signing in cash (Swiss francs only unless expressly authorized by the management) or by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express). For individuals who cannot provide proof of residence in Switzerland, the deposit amount is CHF 1'000.-. If the deposit is not reclaimed 1 year after the end of the contract, it is definitively acquired by Garage Location Patrick SA.
3. Vehicle Handover by the Lessor
3.1 Once the rental contract is signed by both parties, the deposit paid, and the rental amount settled, the lessor hands over the rented vehicle (keys) to the tenant.
3.2 The tenant is required to inspect the condition of the vehicle and report any defects immediately to the lessor. The tenant is responsible for any defects not reported before leaving the handover location.
3.3 The vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel, water, oil, windshield washer fluid, and antifreeze, as well as a vignette for Swiss motorways.
3.4 The tenant agrees that the vehicle can be geolocated and that the lessor may use or transmit this data at any time.
4. Usage of the Vehicle by the Tenant
4.1 Driver: The tenant may only drive the rented vehicle if they possess a valid driving license issued for that category of vehicle. They may authorize a third party, also qualified to drive the category of rented vehicle, to use it. The tenant is responsible for any damages and offenses committed by a third party they have authorized or not to drive the rented vehicle. The lessor's recourse against this third party remains reserved. Sections 3.2 to 3.6 below apply equally to the tenant of the vehicle or to the third party.
4.2 Usage Restrictions: The tenant agrees to abide by the prohibition on using the vehicle and acknowledges being responsible for the total amount of damage in case of non-compliance with these rules: transporting prohibited or dangerous goods; transporting passengers for a fee; driving lessons; for towing, pushing, or moving another vehicle or trailer; during motor vehicle sports events, during any participation in races, trials, or rallies on competition or training circuits; during orientation, cross-country, or precision tests; during record attempts, precision trials, endurance contests; participating in civil disturbances or any illegal act.
European citizens do not have the right to enter European territory without customs authorization.
4.3 Any change of address must be reported to the lessor within 14 days.
5. Vehicle Return
5.1 Return: The tenant is required to return the rented vehicle on the date and time specified in the contract. If the return is delayed by more than one hour, a minimum of one full day's rental will be charged based on the contractual rate. For each 24-hour period of delay, an additional CHF 5.- per day will be charged. Garage-Location Patrick SA reserves the right to charge any additional costs or losses related to the delay, such as being unable to fulfill the next client's contract.
5.2 Condition of Vehicle: The vehicle must be returned to the lessor in perfect working and cleanliness condition, with all tanks filled. If not, refueling will be charged to the tenant with an additional CHF 50.-. The tenant is responsible for checking and, if necessary, topping up fluid levels at least twice a week. Consumed fluids (fuel, oil, windshield washer fluid, engine antifreeze) are the responsibility of the tenant. If more than one liter of oil is missing, a charge of CHF 200.- will be billed to the tenant for premature engine wear.
5.3 Cleaning: If cleaning or waste removal has to be performed after the vehicle is returned, a minimum of one hour will be charged to the tenant at a rate of CHF 140.- per hour.
5.4 Smoking: Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited. If this rule is violated, a flat fee of CHF 50.- will be charged.
5.5 Advertising Decals: If an advertising decal, which is an integral part of the vehicle, peels off or is removed during the use of the vehicle, the tenant must immediately report this to the lessor for replacement.
5.6 Non-Return: If, at the end of the rental period, the tenant does not return the vehicle to the lessor, the lessor may recover or have the rented vehicle recovered, all at the tenant's expense. In such a case, a minimum amount of CHF 500.- will be charged to the tenant in addition to the extension of the contract until the vehicle's return. The seizure of the registration plates is charged at CHF 300.-, any other costs or further damages are reserved.
5.7 Access for Recovery: The tenant expressly authorizes the lessor or any third party designated by them to enter the premises where the vehicle is stored in order to recover it.
5.8 Liability for Contents: The lessor disclaims all responsibility for the loss or damage of items inside the seized vehicle. Personal belongings of the tenant can be retrieved from the lessor within twenty-four hours. After this period, the lessor is authorized to dispose of them, with the tenant presumed to have renounced their ownership (act of dereliction, art. 729 CC).
5.9 Early Return: If the vehicle is returned before the expiry of the contract and/or the prepaid mileage allowance is not exhausted, the rental price will be definitively acquired by the lessor.
5.10 Return Instructions: Information for the return is provided at the time of vehicle pickup. The tenant must inquire about the schedules, return conditions, and parking rules directly with the concerned agency to obtain the exact information.
5.11 Parking: The vehicle must be parked in a manner that does not obstruct the passage or exit of other vehicles.
5.12 Compliance: If the directives are not respected, a charge of CHF 100.- will be billed to the tenant as a conventional penalty. Refer to the website for agency opening hours.
5.13 Tenant's Responsibility: The tenant is responsible for the vehicle until it is inspected by the personnel of Garage-Location Patrick SA. Subject to facts unknown to Garage-Location Patrick SA at the time of return. The key must be deposited in the lessor's mailbox.
5.14 Emergency Contact: In case of emergency, you can contact 0848 000 849 (number of Vaudoise).
6. Breakdown, Accident, Vehicle Repair, Insurance
6.1 Accident: The tenant must immediately inform the lessor of any damage. For all damages incurred during the rental period, the tenant is responsible for arranging an accident report, either amicably or through the police, and must provide the facts, names, and addresses of the drivers involved as well as any witnesses.
6.2 Damage Liability: For any damage, the lessor may demand compensation from the tenant of CHF 2,000.- (CHF 1,000.00 if additional casco insurance is opted) + CHF 250.00 in fees per accident or parties involved.
If the provisions of article 6.1 are not followed, for each damage not declared through an accident report, a fixed amount of CHF 250.- will be charged. Higher compensation covering the entire cost of repairs may be demanded in cases of negligence or intentional fault by the driver. The compensation is due even if the lessor decides not to repair the vehicle. Throughout the repair period, the tenant will pay the lessor compensation per day of operational interruption as defined by art. 97 CO, equal to an unlimited flat rate. Repatriation costs are borne by the tenant.
6.3 Responsibility Until Inspection: The tenant is responsible for the vehicle until it is inspected by the personnel of Garage-Location Patrick SA, which is confirmed by signatures on the invoice. The tenant must promptly go to the agency where the vehicle was provided to assess the damages. If the damages are significant, the lessor may demand immediate payment of the costs. The lessor reserves the right to cancel or continue the rental.
6.4 Tenant's Financial Responsibility: The tenant is responsible for all costs incurred to Garage-Location Patrick SA. These costs include, among others, damages to the vehicle, its value at the reference date in case of theft, depreciation, transport, expert assessments, damage processing, immobilization, civil liability deductible and bonus loss, storage costs, vehicle or license plate seizure.
6.5 Stickers: Stickers are an integral part of the vehicle. Any missing or damaged stickers upon vehicle return will be charged.
6.6 Breakdown: The tenant is obligated to inform the lessor as soon as possible of any breakdown. If necessary, the lessor will appoint a third party for towing and, if applicable, approve the repairs. The breakdown assistance number is provided with the vehicle documents. (Green label Vaudoise assurance +41 21 618 88 88). The tenant is prohibited from abandoning the vehicle at the breakdown location. If the vehicle is abandoned, the tenant will be charged for towing and repatriation costs (loss of time or other indirect damages) due to any defect of the rented vehicle.
6.7 Expenses: Fuel costs during use are exclusively the responsibility of the tenant. The tenant will also bear the costs of oil, windshield washer fluid, or antifreeze, which levels should be topped up during the rental.
6.8 Legal Notices: If a legal notice is addressed to the lessor (e.g., a speeding fine), an administrative fee of CHF 50.- will be charged. Moreover, the tenant authorizes the lessor to transmit their personal information to the competent authorities upon request (e.g., Police, gendarmerie). The tenant remains responsible for paying any fines and related costs imposed by the authority.
6.9 Administrative Costs in Case of Incidents: Administrative costs for opening a file in case of claims, litigation, reminder for non-payment, delays, amount to CHF 250.-.
7. Responsibilities
7.1 In addition to liability for damages to the vehicle or third parties as stated in section 6 above, the tenant is personally responsible for partial or total loss/theft of the rented vehicle.
7.2 The tenant is liable for any damage not covered by the lessor's insurance. The insurance's right to recourse against the tenant for gross negligence is reserved. The tenant is responsible for the vehicle until the release of liability is confirmed and signed by the staff of Garage-Location Patrick SA, subject to unknown facts to Garage-Location Patrick SA at the time of return.
7.3 By signing these general terms and conditions, the tenant authorizes Garage Location Patrick SA to charge any expenses, compensations, or damages directly to their credit card without prior notice or invoicing.
8. Lessor's Right of Termination
8.1 If the rented vehicle cannot be started before the beginning of the rental, the execution of this contract will be considered impossible as per article 119 CO, and the lessor will have the right to terminate the contract immediately. The rental price that was prepaid by the tenant will be fully refunded by the lessor, without the possibility of claiming further compensation. If the tenant does not comply with all the terms of this contract, the lessor reserves the right to seize the vehicle at any time and without notice.
9. Requirement for Written Form, Choice of Law, and Clause of Exclusive Jurisdiction
Any amendment to this agreement must be in writing. These general terms and conditions, as well as the rental contract, are exclusively governed by Swiss law. Any disputes arising from this contract will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Nyon. These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract.

Note: Prices include VAT / Subject to price changes and availability.