Terms and conditions

General rental terms and conditions Garage-Location Patrick


The range of models is divided into categories. Bookings are only confirmed according to these categories.


Rental price
The rental price includes the rental period, kilometers traveled, and class of vehicle. For cars and minibuses, a minimum of one day rental is charged for each 24 hours period – as from the hour of taking of vehicle.

For vans and trailers, a rental day is between 08 :00AM and 05 :30PM. A minimum of  a half-day is charged between 08:00AM and 12:00PM, or between 01:00PM and 05:30PM.


Receipt and return of vehicle
For all rented vehicles : pick up and drop off directly in same office.


Reception times
For receptions, out of opening hours, please contact directly the concerned office to obtain exact informations. Informations for returns are explained when you take vehicle. See our website www.patricklocation.ch for more informations about opening hours.


Cash, as well as EC, Maestro, Postcard, Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted. For internet booking, please refer to our online rental terms and conditions.

Rentals are paid in advance, even if it’s extended. Late fee of CHF 5,00.-  per day may be charged.


Rental conditions
It’s necessary to pay a deposit by credit card or in cash, when signing contract at the office. CHF 500.- for Swiss residents and CHF 1’000.- for persons residing abroad.

If the deposit isn’t recovered one year after the end oft the contract, it’s definitively acquired to Garage-Location Patrick.

Garage-Location Patrick is not allowed to rent vehicles without checked driving license of the driver.

The rental of cars and vans require possession of a B driving license.

The rental rental of trailers whose the total weight exceeds 750kg or exceed the weight of the towing vehicle require possession of a E (or BE / EB) driving license.

The lessee and the driver are responsible for systematically monitoring the condition of the vehicle, levels of oil-water-tires, and to make the necessary steps before to drive/go.

In case of failures or defects, the lessee must immediately notify Garage-Location Patrick. The lessee isn’t allow to carry or to carry out repair or service work without the formal agreement of Garage-Location Patrick.


Minimum age
The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 18 years old.


Vehicle return
The vehicle must be returned to departure office. The vehicle can be returned outside of opening hours by depositing the key in the letterbox. If the vehicle is returned before the end of the contract and the mileage package isn’t exhausted, the rental price will be acquired by Garage-Location Patrick.

The lessee is required to return the rented vehicle at the date and time specified in the contract. An additional of CHF 10.- per hour (cars) and CHF 20.- (vans and minibuses) will be charged for each hour late. If more than three hours late, a full day will be charged for every twenty-four hours, with increase of CHF 5,00.- per day ; packages for week or month aren’t taken into account for the calculation of the fee (daily rate only).

If, at the end of the rental, the lessee doesn’t return the vehicle to Garage-Location Patrick, this one can resume or make resume the rental vehicle, all costs to the lessee. In such a case, an amount of CHF 500.- will be charged to the lessee as a contractual compensation, any other or further damage being reserved, seizure of license plates CHF 300,00.-. The lessee expressly authorizes Garage-Location Patrick or any third party designated by him to enter the area where the vehicle is stored to repossess. Garage-Location Patrick disclaims any responsability for loss or damaged objects inside the seized vehicle. Personal object (of the lessee) may be recovered from Garage-Location Patrick within 24 hours. After this time, Garage-Location Patrick is authorized to dispose (dereliction act, art. 729 CC).

The lessee is responsible until the release of liability is confirmed and signed by Patrick Location staff. If the delivery of vehicle is outside the opening hours, the lessee is responsible until the release of liability is confirmed.


Fuel is charged to the lessee. We give vehicle full tank, and it must be returned with full tank. Otherwise, a fee of CHF 50.- be taken in addition to the fuel.


Cleaning fee
The vehicle will be returned to Garage-Locaton Patrick in perfect working order and cleanliness, otherwise, or if the the waste must be removed, a minimum of 1 hour of cleaning will be charged at CHF 140,00 / hour. Garage-Location Patrick disclaims any responsability for lose or damage personal objects located inside the vehicle, which can be recovered in 24 hours.


Additional driver
The vehicle can be driven by a third person. However, in case of damage, the lessee is responsible of the full damage.

The lessee expressly agrees to provide  to Garage-Location Patrick, at his request and at any time, the name and the adress of the driver. Also, refer to usage restrictions.


Failures and malfunctions of the vehicle
Garage-Location Patrick will do everything to avoid any mechanical malfunctions or failures of vehicles, without accepting any responsability for them, and for direct or indirect damages that may result.


Right of withdrawal of Garage-Location Patrick
If the rented vehicle can’t be switched ON before rental starting, the beginning of this contract shall be considered as impossible (art. 119 CO), and Garage-Location Patrick shall be authorized to terminate the contract with immediate effect. The rental price would have been paid in advance by the lessee will be fully refunded to him by Garage-Location Patrick, without any other or further compensation can be claimed. If the lessee don’t comply with all the terms of this contract, Garage-Location Patrick is authorized to seize the vehicle at any time and without notice.


Damage's responsability
The liability insurance is included in the rental price.

The lessee, and any authorized driver, is covered by liability insurance for motor vehicles, which the lessee may be aware upon request.

The lessee is responsible for the vehicle until it’s controlled by Garage-Location Patrick’s staff. The lessee is responsible up to the amount of the contractual indemnity for all costs incurred by Garage-Location Patrick.

Costs are regarded as among other damages to the vehicle, the value at the reference date (in case of theft), depreciation, transport, expertises, treatment of damages, immobilization, free of liability and loss of bonus, fees security, seizure of the vehicle or plates.

Stickers are an integral part of the vehicle. Each missing or damaged sticker when the vehicle is returned will be charged to the lessee at cost of reproduction and installation of the sticker.


Guidelines in case of a damage
In case of damage, the lessee agrees to safeguard the interests of Garage-Location Patrick and the insurance company notifying immediately by telephone the nearest Garage-Location Patrick office and preventing the police immediately if this is required. Fully and accurately completing accident reports,  the names and addresses of persons involved and witnesses. By not signing any acknowledgment of wrong or of responsibility. Not leaving the vehicle on the spot without taking the necessary safety measures. The lessee is responsible for any damage to Garage-Location Patrick due to the infringement of these contractual obligations or non-compliance with laws.


Reduction of liability
For all vehicles, the compensation in case of damage is CHF 2’000.- per event and per objects, or people  involved.

A reduction of compensation to CHF 1’000.-, for the damages to our vehicle may be incurred for the rental period, at the rate specified when you take vehicle.


Special equipments
Special equipments such as baby seats, navigation systems, blankets, straps, trolleys, etc... can be rented according to the availability of office. In case of loss or damage of special equipments leased or provided, the replacement cost will be charged to the lessee.

Children up to the age of 12 less than 150 cm are required to be installed in a child seat when traveling by car.


Winter equipment
For the cold season, Garage-Location Patrick vehicles are equipped with winter tires.      


If an infringement has occurred with one of the vehicles, as the vehicle owner, Garage-Location Patrick is required by law to open its files to the authorities and to collaborate on research of the offending.

For time spent in this procedure, Garage-Location Patrick invoice management fee of CHF 50.- per offense.

In case of damage, litigation or non-payment, folder's opening fee : amount of CHF 250.-


Restrictions on use
The lessee declares to agree and to respect the prohibition to use the vehicle in the following situations. He admits to being responsible for the full amount of damages if non-compliance with theses rules :
- Transport of prohibited or dangerous goods
- Passengers transport for reward
- Driving lessons
- To tow, push or move another vehicle or trailer, at sporting events with motor vehicles during any participation in races, trials or rallies circuits (competition or training), during trials orientation, cross-country or address, during record attempts, trials, accuracy, endurance contest.

In any case, the vehicle must not be driven if the driver is drunk or has taken drugs.

It is forbidden to smoke in the vehicle. In case of non-compliance a fine of CHF 50.- will be charged.


These terms and conditions and the lease shall be governed exclusively by swiss law.

Any litigation arising from this contract will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Nyon (VD).

These terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract. Only the french version of these general terms and conditions are considered valid, so please refer to them for full disclosure.

Prices include VAT and are subject to changes and availability

For any questions, please contact Garage-Location Patrick at 0848 000 849 during opening hours.



General rental terms and conditions for the online payment Garage-Location Patrick


1. Booking  terms and conditions

1.1 This booking doesn’t constitute a contract. The rental vehicle service (« rental service ») will be made by a separate contract of rental which is concluded with the defined Garage-Location Patrick office (« local office ») that will supply the rental vehicle.

1.2 When you choose the option " online payment ", you conclude a booking  with Garage-Location Patrick S.A ("GLP") (see terms and conditions for online payment below).


2. Terms and conditions for online payment

2.1 By marking the check box « I have read and accept the general rental terms and conditions and the online payment conditions», you conclude this booking with GLP and will be subject to general conditions of this one. In concluding the booking, you agree to buy an « exchange voucher » issued by GLP for the indicated amount on estimate established by GLP. GLP will establish « exchange voucher », will send it to you by e-mail and will reserve the rental service. The « exchange voucher » can be exchanged against rental service to the local office where you will take your rental vehicle.

2.2 Payment of indicated amount, which will be issued the « exchange voucher » giving you access to the rental service, is due when you make booking on the website of GLP. The amount will be debited from your credit card at this moment. The « exchange voucher » will be issued upon receipt of full payment. In concluding this booking, you expressly authorize GLP to charge your credit card the amount indicated on the « exchange voucher », and any extra charges mentioned in this booking, and in the general rental conditions.

2.3 The « exchange voucher », that can be exchanged against rental service, corresponds at rental expenses for selected vehicle during booked period, including VAT and benefits being listed as included in price list when you make your booking.

2.4 Any item not appearing on the list of included services during your booking (example : special equipments, fuel, days or additional kilometers, compensation in case of accident) will be charged and must be paid directly at the local office when you’ll take or you’ll return vehicle.

2.5 If you cancel your booking at least 3 days before the date and the hour of rental, cancellation fee CHF 50.- will apply in compensation.

2.6 If you cancel your rental within 3 days prior the date and the hour of taking of the vehicle indicated in your booking, 50% of the amount you paid on the prepayment will be retained as compensation.

2.7 If you cancel your rental within 24 hours preceding the date and the hour of taking of the vehicle indicated in your booking, the total amount you paid on the prepayment will be retained as compensation.

2.8 If you don’t collect vehicle in office and haven’t cancelled in advance, there will be no refund : total amount you paid will be retained.

2.9 If for some reasons you aren’t able to warn GLP in time, GLP can’t be held responsible and above-mentioned conditions will apply.

2.10 Refund requests must be sent by mail at the latest 30 days after the date of taking of vehicle, with all informations related to the booking, as well as refund coordinates (address below). After this deadline, all request will be considered as invalid.

Garage-Location Patrick S.A.
Service client
Route de Renens 1A
1030 Bussigny-près-Lausanne, Suisse


3. Rebooking

3.1 Subject to availability and under specified restrictions section 3.2 below, you can modify your booking at any time, until you take vehicle, by calling local office (coordinates on your booking confirmation). Within the general terms and conditions limits specified below, you can use your « exchange voucher » as means of payment for the modified booking.

3.2 Changes to your booking are subject to the following restrictions :
a) If rental fees (after changing your booking) exceedyour  « exchange voucher » value, the difference will be charged when editing, with valid GLP price rates at the time of the change. Payment of the additional amount will be due at the time of the change.
b) If rental fees (after changing your booking) is less than your « exchange voucher » value, no refund will be made.


4. Generalities

4.1 GLP or local office can not be held responsible for direct or indirect losses relating to a booking or in conclusion of a rental contract.

Only the french version of these general terms and conditions are considered valid, so please refer to them for full disclosure.